Our History

Truro Agencies is a Family owned second generation business based on Rural & Farm Supplies. Over 30+ years a strong Customer Base has been built on the business’ focus of supply, installation & service of Wool Shearing & Pressing equipment in an area that stretches far outside a normal local customer base.

This base is now being reinforced by introducing Sales & Service of Sheep Handling Equipment, Yards, Weighing Equipment & ancillary supplies of Fencing & industry related accessories.

Entering an Exciting Phase

With a solid basis in the Supply & Service of Hardware Equipment, Truro Agencies is now entering an exciting phase, adding leading edge technology, enabling farming communities to become proficient in using the latest tech additions in agriculture.

Truro Agencies Supply Shop

At home, Truro Agencies services their local community, with a wide range of Rural Hardware based product through the Shop Front at 25 Moorundie Street, Truro. Built with years of experience, the range covers supplies in Animal Health, Stock & Pet Feed, Irrigation, Fencing, Hand Tools & much, much more.

The Service Workshop

The Service Workshop at the same address, facilitates all pre-delivery of equipment, carries out minor warranty work & repairs for the Wool-press business plus associated work on small motors, Chainsaws; Ride on Mowers and other associated farm equipment. The Workshop also assembles new Animal Feeders ready for delivery.

Your one-stop-shop for shearing supplies

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