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Tepari Sheep and Cattle Equipment

If your sheep handling system needs an upgrade or you are looking to reduce labour and make life easier then now is the time to act! The Te Pari Racewell Sheep Equipment is ranked No1 in Australia by a recent Kondinon report and is supported by a dedicated specialist dealer network in each state.

South Australian sheep farmers can now access world-leading stock handling technology on their back doorstep.

Truro Agencies has become an exclusive dealer of the top quality Racewell Sheep Handler, which is manufactured by Kiwi firm Te Pari Products at Oamaru in the South Island.

Daryl & Kristy Sherwood say the family owned business is excited to take on the Racewell agency, given that sheep handlers are the “talk of the industry”.

“With bigger flocks and less available manpower, farmers need all the help they can get to manage their sheep. This machine makes the job so much easier and more efficient for everything from weighing, drafting and dagging to administering vaccines and tagging stock. It is really easy on the sheep too.”

Farmers can choose either a manually operated Racewell handler, or the fully automated Racewell HD model.

This top-of-the-line livestock handler can integrate seamlessly with an ePanel EID reader which allows fully automatic drafting by weight or EID, with data easily recorded, downloaded and managed.

It also comes with adjustable sensors that ‘catch’ the stock in the preferred position depending on animal size and task; and has a side-tilt crutching mechanism.

Truro Agencies is providing full sales and after-sales backup and support for the Racewell products including parts and servicing.

Te Pari director Jeremy Blampied says the company is “delighted” to have Truro Agencies as part of the Te Pari network.

“We have high confidence in this well regarded family firm and are pleased it is joining our growing network of specialist dealers throughout Australia, who deliver the level of back end support these machines deserve and the client demands.”

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For more information contact Te Pari Products Free call 1800 650 682 or www.tepari.com or

Truro Agencies on 08 8564 0214 for after hours phone Daryl Sherwood 0408894230

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