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We Know Animal Health


At CRT we know all about parasite control and we have a huge range of products in store to help you treat your livestock. Whether you’re having a problem with ticks, worms, lice or liver fluke, we can advise you on the right products to keep your livestock in peak condition. Our reward is seeing you achieve the best possible results with your animals and we’ll work closely with you to ensure they maintain good health.


At CRT we know how certain diseases can lead to reduced birth rates, infertility in breeding stock, reduced productivity and even the death of your valued livestock. Don’t let preventable diseases impact your productivity and profitability — talk to your Local Bloke today about vaccination programs for your herd or flock.

Electric Fence

At CRT we know selecting the most suitable energizer and fencing system can be time consuming and sometimes confusing so call in and talk to us. We can provide you with straightforward options to suit your property and your livestock requirements now and in the future. We can also help you with the latest accessories to keep your electric fence performing at its best.


If you need advice on how to keep your livestock in top condition call into your local CRT store and talk to an expert.

You’ll find everything you need including stockfeed, nutritional supplements, parasite protection, animal management systems and shearing equipment amongst the great range of animal health products in store.

Call into and talk to your Local Bloke today – he understands livestock and knows what works.

Lice Control

When it comes to controlling sheep parasites we can help you make an informed choice about the best treatment program for your flock. Lice infestations can affect wool quality and production and cost you money. The most effective time to treat is at shearing so don’t wait until it’s too late — call in and see us today and get the right advice and products to help control lice in your flock.